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I went to the only Finnish SFFcon, Finncon, last weekend. It was combined with Animecon and boy, were there a lot of anime people! Clearly, anime and manga are now more popular here than either SF or F.

I saw a lot of panels and bought way too much because my pay from the May job finally came last Thursday! My brother was one of the contestant in the D&D miniature game tournament. The poor guy has been suckered into collecting the things :). He won some games and lost others.

There was an interesting panel about Galactica and how it's not as subversive or progressive as some people claim it to be. In another panel three Finnish SF writers and one translator gathered to think about how they could get Finnish SF&F short stories and novels sold to foreign countries. Yeah, they were seriously trying to think about this while at the same time they had the Guest of Honor Ellen Datlow in the same building and not one of the Finnish writers had thought to give her a sample of their writing... I was the one in the audience doing the face-palm-thing.

Loot: the Faerie Reel and the Coyote Road short story collections edited by Ellen Datlow and Terri Windling, Fables 6&7, 1001 Nights of Snowfall (hard cover at 20 euros!), Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind part 1 (it might be available through bookstores here, but both of the big bookstore chains have changed (read: crappified) their internet order systems so that there's no way to tell which part of the series you are ordering. Stupidity in action!), and Alan Moore's Tomorrow Stories although it's book 2. I was too amazed to see the hard cover sold at 20 euros to realize that it's book 2.

My digital adapter's hard drive had an error and refused to record, again. I want my VHS back! :(
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