2020 Action heroine fans reading challenge

In GoodReads, the Action Heroine group is once again doing the
Action heroine fans yearly challenge. I’ve joined it with the initial goal of 20 books.

This will be the third year that I’m participated in this challenge. You can count in comics, books, novellas, reread, library books, tbr books, collections, so it’s pretty easy.

Just before Christmas, I bought five Buffy books from a second hand bookstore and I have a stack of Buffy comics, too, so I’m starting with them.

Review of reading in 2019

I read and reviewed 42 comics, 76 books, and one ten-part serial last year.

This was a good reading year. Over at GoodReads, I didn’t rate anything one star and only 12 books and comics got two stars. On the other hand, only two comics got full five stars: the Mr. and Mrs X collections. So, most were steady four and three stars.

Best of the bunch:

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